What is Percussive Vibration Therapy?


Percussive Vibration Therapy uses high frequency vibrations, in conjunction with oscillating physical pressure, to increase oxygenated blood-flow into a specific area. This oxygen rich blood speeds up the natural healing processes of the body, in turn leading to quicker recovery times between training and reducing time off due to muscle strains.


 Unlike standard Vibration Therapy PVT is more effective at helping to release fascia, enabling a greater range of movement as well as reducing pain caused by excess tension within tissues.


centauras pulse front of gun trigger hea



The Centauras - Pulse allows muscles to recover quicker after work through scientifically proven Percussive Vibration Therapy

Oscilates at frequencies ranging from 22hz - 55hz

Percussive Vibration therapy is proven to increase range of motion and muscular strength

Increased blood flow to muscles to promote healing of fibres 


11mm Amplitude delivers precise therapy to target areas

Smart timing

With Centauras smart 10 minuet internal timing function you can keep track of treatment time

Energy efficient 

3400mah lithium battery delivers 7 hours of continuous usage and fully charges in 2 hours

Superior build quality

The outer shell is made from aircraft grade aluminium alloy 

providing corrosive resistance and unparalleled structural   integrity

Pressure sensor

In-built pressure indicator keeps you in control of treatment 

Noise reduction

Unbeatable noise reduction. The Centaurs-Pulse can operate at <30db



When the musculatory system is working well it reduces strain on other structures within the body, such as lower limb joints and soft tissues.

Using the CENTAURAS-PULSE PRO can reduce the risk of injury to other areas of the body by ensuring the muscles are working to support other vital structures within the body.

The CENTAURAS-PULSE PRO delivers targeted Percussive Vibration Therapy between 22hz - 55hz for optimum results. 


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massage gun

In-built pressure indicator

Clear battery status

Treatment modes

System start button

massage gun

6 Precision heads for the perfect treatment 

massage gun
Massage gun