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The C-ICE boots have been engineered to stay colder, for longer.
Using the highest quality materials and StayCold internal freezing gel, our boots surpass the competition in both surface area treated and treatment time.
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close up rolled up ice boot showing inte

Our Anti-tear material helps to stop any splits or tearing to the boot 

StrongHold Velcro, with elastic straps, keep boots firmly in place

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ice boots front side view cut out of leg
Tough Anti-Tear outer
StrongHold Straps
Moulds to individual leg shape
Treating down to the Coronary Band
360° Treatment

Unlike many other boots, ours treat 360° around the leg creating a greater cooling effect

Sub Zero

Our internal Gel packs are specially designed to freeze without becoming brittle 

Long lasting

Due to the WHOLE boot being frozen they stay colder for longer, unlike thin inserts that heat up quickly

Strong Hold

The combination of StrongHold velcro and elastic straps creates a strong hold to keep the boots in place during treatment