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How do I start my Centauras-Pulse?

First select which precision head you would would like to use for the treatment. Once the head is selected press firmly into the opening at the end of the device. Now your ready to start! Press and hold the power button on the back of the device for 3 seconds, release the button. Now short press the power button again to select therapy level one. Short press the power button to move up the therapy levels (6 in total) When you want to turn your device off, simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds

I just exercise for fun, would your products help me?

YES! At the end of the day when you get in from work most people are going to have some aches and pains. (You don't have to be an elite athlete to know what a bad back feels like) Our products are here to get you feeling great, whatever it is you do. So if your win today is completling a marathon GO YOU but if your win is going out to get a cinnamon iced bun from the local coffe shop, GREAT you do you. Whatever wins you have this week, we're here to get you feeling great!

So I read the Centauras-Pulse can be used on animals?

Yep, you heard right. We're not quite Dr Doolittle but we know that all athletes, human and animal, need to be feeling great to perform at their best and lead happy lives. The Centauras-Pulse works by using Vibration Therapy to relieve muscle pain and promote healing. Animal athletes suffer from many of the same injuries as human athletes, so why treat them any differently?

Do I need to do any training to use your devices?

The short answer is no. Our devices are safe to use on yourself or your horse without any training. We do recommend using the device on yourself first to gauge what pressure is suitable during treatment. If you feel usure at all please contact our team who will be able to better advise you; alternatively talk to your Physio / Chiro and they will be able to help.

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